In 2008 Sony Ericsson made the following predictions about the phone of the future:
It would have a 12 to 20 MP still camera, full HD video recorder, XGA (1024*768) screen resolution, a 1 Ghz processor, and a most desireable 100+ Mbps LTE connection.

Well the time has almost arrived so where are they in their development of this future phone? At MWC this year they annonced the Xperia™ pro which seems likely to be the type of phone they will be mass producing through then end of this year and into 2012. How does it stack up against their prediction?

It looks like their a little behind schedule if they want to keep up with the competition, some of which has phones almost meeting these specs. The only really tough one is the 100 Mbps which still sounds as far off as it did in 2008.

Here are the relevant specs:
8 megapixel camera with LED flash, 2 megapixel front facing camera
HD video recording (720p)
854 x 480 screen
1GHz Snapdragon CPU
7.2 mbps hsdpa